Snapshot restore with basic license

I am using the basic license but noticed on the subscription page (Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic), it shows the basic license for snapshot/restore but further down under Recovery from snapshots it shows that is an enterprise feature. What is the difference between those two? If I have daily snapshots would I be able to restore them to a cluster with the basic license?

Yes, if you make daily snapshots you will be able to restore them using the basic license.

That Recovery from snapshots part in the subscription page seems to be related to the Searchable Snapshots, which is also a Enterprise feature.

But it is confusing and not well explained in the documentation, maybe someone from elastic can explain better what it is.

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This relates to Replicate or relocate data via snapshot · Issue #73496 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub, which is an enterprise level feature.

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