SNMP Traffic Utilization graph

I am using SNMP input Plugin to get IfInOctects and OutOctects
Can anyone help me to create a chart to show Inbound/Outbound Traffic in Mbps?

I would recommand Lens

Just make sure you change the format number for your traffic metrics, and lens will automaticall ajust the conversion to KB, MB or GB

For Traffic Utilization I think we need to calculate it ?
Input = ( value of latest IfInOctacts - value of Previous IfInOctacts ) / Time Interval in Seconds

Yes if this the definition of your metric, you can use elasticsearch filter to get the latest event for your interface and then compute as you like and send back the data into elasticsearch

Check these 2 post to get a method of calculation, both use the same logic (from a cisco post)

@ylasri link you mentained is for traffic utilization in %.
I prefer this link to get output in mbps:

I am not using the Logstash filter but I am doing something in TSVB Graph.
Please check the Attachment, and ping me what I am doing wrong.

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