Monitor Network Switch Traffic via SNMP

Hi, Have just recently updated to new elastic version and was hoping to take advantage of the new snmp logstash input.
What I was hoping to be able to achieve was to set up a dashboard for room of the main network ports on our network, eg Internet Connection, SQL server network ports, connections to remote sites, so we have quick visibility of any issues of network ports being maxed out.
Our network our mainly dell managed switches and i have been able to get some values using snmp being ifInOctets and ifOutOctets.
Using the kibana derivate sums been able to graph the difference between the two values of a log, currently snmp every 10 seconds.
However this doesn't show a true speed.
Was wondering if anyone has been able to achieve this as this would mean we can consolidate everything to within elastic, which by the way is brilliant

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if you mean you have to convert octets to bits/sec... 1 octet = 1 byte. So you have to multiple by 8 to get bits. Then divide by 1024 x times to get Kbits, Mbits, ... But in my opinion, you should use network tools like Nagios and such as this is all built-in to the tools, and there are many functions. Load mibs for other devices, pull vs receive data, and many others so that you can manage your network.

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