Socketappender hostName only accepts IP addresses in logging.yml

(Gerald DeConto) #1

hi all

I have a socketappender setup in the elasticsearch logging.yml so that my ES instance sends slow search and slow index logs to my logstash instance via socketappender on port 9500.

I noticed that when I use an IP address for the socketappender hostName that it works ok, but when I try to use a server name or DNS name (i.e. "") , it doesnt work; ie socketappender only accepts IP addresses (tho I have seen examples where it accepts "localhost")

the setup is on CentOS 7, and I am using ES 1.5.0 and logstash 1.5.2

is this a bug or by design? is there a workaround for this?

thanks in advance

(Gerald DeConto) #2

note: reason I want to use DNS entries is that we are looking at hosting on AWS, and wanted to be able to set the hostName value to

  1. a proper AWS DNS entry like "" or
  2. a load balancer name like ""

so that we dont have to concern ourselves with changing IP addresses if/when the instance gets restarted or replaced

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