Solution to export/archive Dashboards

This might be a silly question - apologies in advance if so! In an elk scenario, detailed log messages in Kibana are useful in the near-term but dashboards and charts have a longer life-span of usefulness. We are forced due to data volumes to truncate our logs after two weeks, but it would be great if dashboards could be supported for a longer timeframe - even for months, etc. Obviously they would not be searchable, etc after the log messages have disappeared. Solutions proposed for this include taking regular screenshots of the dashboards ( - we actually do this. However I was wondering if there were any smarter method in the pipeline - e.g. the support of dashboard archives in kibana based purely off archived aggregation queries. Or even if there were a known solution by e.g. exporting data as metrics to metrics dbs like influxdb/opentsdb, etc which would be a more succinct format

Reporting will be available in the 5.0 release, which will allow you to export dashboards to PDF, which is essentially what you mentioned. There are no other solutions in the works to accomplish what you've alluded to as far as I know.