Generate daily report

I have a dashboard in kibana (version 7.9.0). I need the dashboard to be exported to a PDF or an excel spreadsheet daily and emailed to someone. The time for the results should be in the last 24 hours.

This doc page suggests clicking share and then copy POST url. Problem is, I don't have that option.

The only thing I need is the default table from auditbeat called Login Events [Auditbeat System] ECS.

Does anyone know what's missing? Is it possible to do? Thanks ahead!

Reporting (for Pdf & Png) and Watcher (for email with attachment) require a license
You can enable a trial license from your kibana here

Thanks for the response!

Same for excel? I only need one table.

I can send emails automatically with a cronjob

There is no support for exporting dashboard into Excel
The only thing you can use CSV to export specific data table or search result

So my only option is to create a web automation script that would automatically click export to CSV and email it?

The dashboard is a set of multiples differents viz and i don't see how to export it on CSV ...
The best approch is to create a script that capture the dashbaord as a screenshoot and send by email may be

There's an export to CSV button though:

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