Generating a PDF from a dashboard v7.9

Using Elastic v7.9, we have some dashboards set up which we would like to generate a report from every day, and save it to a shared area in Windows.

I can see when I am on my dashboard, if I click share and then wither under PDF Reports, or PNG Reports, there is an option that says Copy POST URL, but I am not sure how to use this POST URL.

Hi @mepec20921,

Welcome to the community! There is a bit in the documentation, but this URL can either be used outside of Kibana via a POST request, or using a watcher to run on a schedule. As it sounds like you want to trigger on a schedule I would recommend having a look at the watcher example in the documentation.

Just a heads up that you are using a version of Elasticsearch that is EOL, and we would recommend upgrading.

Hope that helps!

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