[SOLVED] Wirldcard search issue bis

Hi all,

I have opened a Topic in Kibana forum but I didn't find the solution, somebody advise me to ask some help in elasticsearch forum.

If somebody have an idea :


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By default, wildcard terms are lowercased. Because your short_message field is not_analyzed, a wildcard query with an uppercase I will not match any results (Elasticsearch will search for a lowercase i and not find internal with a lowercase i). Setting lowercase_expanded_terms to false in Kibana's query:queryString:options under Advanced Settings will resolve this.

You also need to change the default value of analyze_wildcard to false for the same reason.

The resulting value for the query:queryString:options setting in Kibana will look like this: { "analyze_wildcard": false, "lowercase_expanded_terms": false}

Thanks a lot !

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