Something went wrong error appear in kibana when we switch between under the Devtools tab

An error is displayed in the browser while loading Kibana.
When we switch between tabs (History, Settings, Help) under Devtools tab. We see an error something went wrong.
Please refer the attachment.

Hi @prashant1

Could you provide more information about Kibana distributable you are using: version, installation type, OS, if there a proxy and how it was setup, etc.

Regards, Dzmitry

Hi @Dzmitry

Thanks for the response. We are using
kibana version:- 7.0.1
platform:- Kunernetes
OS:- CentOS-7.6
There is no proxy setup is used for kibana.

Thank you @prashant1,

I was able to find the reported issue and as stated it is no longer reproduced on Kibana 7.4 and later.

I can only suggest upgrading your Kibana instance.

Regards, Dzmitry

Thank you @Dzmitry

I have a query. For the above issue is there any workaround possible for kibana 7.0.1. ?

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