Sonicwall-elk - track which Users or IP addresses are accessing a certain website

Hi people, i have working elk with sonicwall firewall. i have a lot of logs but, i looking for user reports, example see web pages visit for one user. i can see that, but for ips, i want urls.
is possible?


You need to provide much more information. Unless someone is using the same product ( sonicwall ) and has done exactly what you asked for, it's difficult to get help with the information you have added.

i can see that, but for ips, i want urls. is possible?

Please try to elaborate on the above, it;s not clear what you are trying to do.

  • How do the logs from sonicwall look like ?
  • What kind information do they contain?
  • Do logs contain the URL you want to visualize ?
  • What have you tried to do already and how did you do it ?
  • What do you want to do differently now ?
  • What did you try already to achieve your goal and how did that fail?

The more time you spend describing your problem and what you want to do, the more probable it will become for someone to spend time helping you out

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Hi, what information yo need?

I want see the access to websites, for example cgermanb acccess to
but in the search i dont see, only if I search by ip adrress of google

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