Sort data per date in kibana discover

I want to filter log dadta per date in kibana discover and this is the only way I've discovered so far

How can I filter data per date more easily ?

Is your data view set up with a default time field? You should be able to use the time picker in Discover to simplify that.

Additionally, it looks like your index / data view has no fields in it, which could be part of the problem.

you're right there's no data in my index but that's not what I want to be told

what I want to know is how to sort data per date ex) given log data of 18th, 19th, 20th and 21th in one index, I want to see 18th log, 19th log, 20th log and 20th log data separately in discovery window

all I know is using filter per date but it is a little bit inconvenient to set filter one by one I want to sort them in more easy way

There is also an option to use "Previous time window" and "Next time window" buttons in the time picker to jump between days.

Nov-18-2022 15-28-09

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@jughosta That's exactly what I want to know thanks!

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