Sorting on numeric columns in Discover 7.7.0 not working as expected

  • msg.time field has the default format in the Kibana index
  • on MacOS 10.15.5 on latest version of Firefox, Brave and Safari browsers


time ascending

time descending

It kind of looks like those number are sorted alphabetically. Can you check the mapping in Elasticsearch for this field? It's unclear what default format actually is.

Hi Tim,

Elasticsearch index mapping for this field:

"time": {
  "type": "long"

Kibana index pattern field settings:

  • type: number
  • format: Number

This morning I have upgraded the Elastic stack to version 7.7.1. I can still reproduce this unexpected behaviour.

Hi, this behavior sounds like a bug. Would you mind going to and search to see if any known bugs match this issue? If not, please go ahead and file a new bug. Thanks,


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