Source of Truth for Possible Field Mapping

So I'm just wondering if the docs can be totally trusted as a complete source of truth for all possible field mapping properties on a data type.

I'm not much of a Java dev, but if pointed in the right direction I could probably grok the source. I've noticed the .NET client has slightly different fields than the docs, some of which are deprecated, some of which just don't seem to be mentioned anywhere.

I ask so that I can make sure I'm supporting mapping properly in my Rust client.

Can you point out some discrepancies?

Sure, so for example numeric_resolution on date, which isn't in the docs (I think because it's deprecated?), but is in the .NET client (for back-compat?).

And fielddata (in the pre 5.x format) isn't listed on a bunch of fields in the docs (to keep the docs concise?), but is in the .NET client.

One last one is ignore_malformed on geo_point which is in the docs, but not in the .NET client (although it does have validate, which I think might have been changed to ignore_malformed for consistency at some point?).

I'm sure there are perfectly sane reasons for differences, but it'd be great if there was somewhere I could go with everything that is current for the upcoming 5.x I could use as a base.

I've gone spelunking in the Java source a few times, but couldn't be totally sure of what I was looking at :smile:

I'll see if I can ask the .Net team to comment :slight_smile:

That'd be awesome, thanks! :slight_smile:

I'm just trying to sort out what's still around for backwards compatibility but deprecated and what's current.

Since I'm starting greenfield I don't have any legacy APIs to maintain so don't need to include stuff that's being phased out.

The master branch and the resulting master documentation should be considered a work in progress at this time; it's being actively worked on in line with changes happening with the 5.x alpha releases of Elasticsearch.

For example, ignore_malformed is now on relevant geo queries. It looks like the fielddata change hasn't yet gone in, but we're looking at the mappings this week. If you do come across anything that you think looks like a discrepancy (even if it turns out not to be), please feel free to open an issue , would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Anything in NEST that is deprecated in Elasticsearch should be marked with [Obsolete] in the source.

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Thanks @forloop

I think I'll keep my stuff in its current form then and comb through the .NET client once ES 5.x hits GA.

I'll open issues for anything I can dig up :slight_smile: How do you guys keep up with what's correct for mappings?

Thanks :thumbsup:

Internal comms, release notes, commits, issues and PRs :smile: