Space requirement for logstash and elasticsearch

I have to ELK stack .
The filebeat collects log and then passes to kafka for buffering and then to logstash for analysis and filtering .The data is passes then to elasticsearch and displaying dashboards on kibana.
I have configured this on my local.It works fine for static files.
How to configure it for production environment?
I am getting about 50,000 entries from Tomcat access logs.
On server I have 32GB RAM and 8 CPU.
I am new to ELK stack and need suggestions for these questions:
1- Should I install filebeat on the server where tomcat is installed or on other server and share the path to it?
2- How many master nodes and data nodes should I configure?
3- What will be the space requirements for logstash?
4- How to configure nodes for kafka?

Any help would be really appreciated.

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