Special characters combined with wildcards issue


I've got an index with lots of different fields. Say that one of the
many fields contain "Mr. x worked with C#, .Net and Java for 2 years"

Let's say I add a * to the search queries, to be able to return
results while the user is typing, i.e. a search for "Jav" is turned
into "Jav*", so that it matches "Java".

returns the correct document

However, when the user has completed spelling Java, the search query
is then changed into "Java*". That still works fine though.

returns the correct document

When I search for ".Net" or "C#" with the appended "*" this does not
seem to work though.

returns nothing

returns nothing

If I omit the "*" it works fine:

returns the correct document

returns the correct document

Obviously, I would like the "C#" and ".Net" queries to work. I've
tried specifiying a "whitespace" tokenizer on the analyzer, but to me
it seems the issue is with how the query is parsed/handled/escaped.
Any advice on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.