Specifying X-Enterprise-Search-Analytics with the Node.js client.app.searchEsSearch method?

I'm using App Search, and for one quite complex query I need to make an Elasticsearch search rather than an App Search search

As I'm working in NodeJS, I'm doing that with a client.app.searchEsSearch call

In the App Search docs for the Elasticsearch Search api, at Elasticsearch search API for App Search | App Search documentation [8.11] | Elastic it suggests setting the X-Enterprise-Search-Analytics header so that the searches still show in analytics

However, I'm not sure how I can go about setting that header when using the Node.js client library. I can't seem to see it mentioned anywhere in the Node.js library docs at App Search APIs | enterprise-search-js [8.11] | Elastic . Does anyone know what the trick is to get that header set?

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