Split bars on visualisation by using custom query


Hello everyone.

I have two folders in my source (using wildcards) and I have created visualisation based on this.

The big picture is that, I'm visualising amount of errors/failed builds from Jenkins log, now I want to be more specific and I want to split bars into specific reasons of failures.

I have a query with visualisation for total count of failed builds and I have query with visualisation for specific errors that makes the build fail.

I want to aggregate them into bars and visualise total amount of builds and amount of specific errors that caused build to fail, with daily timestamp.

Example below


I can't find proper option in 'Split series'. Could someone guide me through that or give some advices where to start or if it's even possible?


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You're so close, you probably want to scroll down the aggregation list a bit and choose the "terms" aggregation for splitting your bars based on the field that indicates what the cause for the error is.


I have no correct term displayed there.

I'm clicking Add sub-buckets, Split Series, then I can select aggregation but nothing from Terms matches my needs.

Visualisation is based on simple query that counts all log entries and that's all, maybe I missed some particular step?

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If you scroll here, you don’t see “Terms” under “Significant Terms”?


I can pick Terms but I have preconfigured terms there.

My visualisation is based on query

source:*CLOUD* AND "Finished: FAILURE"

but when I do

source:*CLOUD* AND "docker prune -f"

I ALSO have listed failed builds but only these failed by docker error, ergo bars are showing lets say 10% of error that are shown in previous query. I don't see a proper field that, so I have no clue how to go further with this, despite that it's super basic problem. :confused:

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I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand, but if you’re trying to define the splits with individual queries that you can use the “Filters” bucket aggregation time

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