Split Kibana URL

Hi ,
I have made a dashboard with two data tables. And captured the same in my UI with the iframe given by kibana.

My question is to SPLIT this URL and display one table in one UI div and another table in another UI div.

Is this possible??

Kindly let me know if there are references which i can view for the same.

hi @zeba,

could you create two dashboards, one for each table? Then you can embed these separately.

I wanted dependency, so that when i click one row of the table similar id of the other table must be visible too. This happens in the scenario where we use one index one dashboard and 2 tables.
But now i want to display these tables in two different divs.. hence my question :slight_smile:

hi @zeba, thanks for the added info.

That's not possible, since when you embed a Kibana dashboard, it loads it in an i-frame, which is an isolated "web-page in a page".

I'd create a new enhancement request in Kibana here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new

@thomasneirynck Thanks!!! will do :slight_smile:

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