Split series gets stacked in dashboard

I have created a vistualization with buckets split to charts (terms agg) and then split series (histogram agg on int year filed). When I see the visualization in Visualize, it looks ok. But when I add it to the dashboard, the year splitted series is presented as single stacked bar instead of multiple splitted bars (one for each year). How can I force the dashboard to present what I see in visualize?

See the screenshots below. First, the view from Visualize:

And then the 'broken' dashboard view:

It sounds like a bug if the dashboard doesn't reflect what is configured in visualize. Which version of Kibana are you using?

I am running version 5.4.3.

Playing further with this bug has revealed interesting observations. When I click the visualization on the dashboard and edit it from there, it shows wrong in Visualize. Then (without changing anything) if I save, it renders correct again in Visualize.

Seems like a bug indeed.

I was unable to reproduce it myself. But if you can provide reliable steps to reproduce it, we would appreciate it a lot if you could file a bug report in the Kibana GitHub repo.

Thank you, I have opened an issue https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12677. You can close this one.

Thank you!

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