Visualization split series doesn't bring all the data

On a basic visualization, when I add a "Split series" by significant terms, it doesn't show all data.

This was executed using Elasticsearch & Kibana version 8.13.0 hosted in Kubernetes. Both queries are successful in the Inspect panel and the query time is <1s. This didn't happen in our previous cluster which was on version 7.11.2, could there be a change that got implemented in between?

See the before and after:

Hi @box2m

I'm not aware of any particular change at the agg level for the given versions.
We may need some extra information here for the investigation:

  • did the shape remained the same on 7.11 when adding the breakdown using Significant Terms?
    • can you post a picture of it?
  • Can you check on the inspector if there are any differences between the data retrieved by ES and the one represented on the chart?