Why is the Dashboard changing the type of visualization

I have create a Vertical Bar Chart in Kibana 5.4 using the chart type bar and mode as normal. The chart is then split by Series and I get the results I am expecting.

When I add this chart to my dashboard the chart type is changed to a stacked bar. Is there any reason this may be happening?

I thought it may be a space or size issue so I redesigned the chart and show only one metric in the Series the results were the same the chart is displayed in the Dashboard as a stacked chart.

Any suggestion as to how to fix this?

It's actually not currently possible to switch between types, so not sure how this can be happening.

When you are in edit mode, and you hover over the visualization click the pencil to edit. Do you now see the vertical bar chart? Can you ensure you are selecting the correct visualization?

Thank you for your response, which prompted more examination. I found the problem was a naming error.

Thanks Perry

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