Split series in Kibana not working for horizontal bar graph as in vertical bar graph

Hello Team,

I am trying to use the split series option in the horizontal bar graph. But it does not seem to work the way it does for vertical bar graph. Instead of the bar getting split so many bars are being formed side by side.... I hope the screenshots below explain.

Also, i am choosing the horizontal bar graph in order to have the labels on the x-axis clearly.

Is there some settings i have to tweak?

Vertical Graph:

Horizontal Graph:


Any help appreciated



Hi @kaushik.vankayala,

What you are looking for is the "mode: stacked" option in the visualization editor under the "Metrics & Axes" tab. I believe it is set to stacked by default for vertical bar charts, but normal for horizontal charts (to be honest I'm not entirely sure why this is... feels like they should be consistent.)

At any rate, here's an example of how that looks.

Hope this helps!


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@lukeelmers, thanks a lot for the tip. Exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

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