Split series size - being able to show the remaining (cut off) part on the graph

I'm using split series functionality to group incoming traffic by its type. It all works fine, but with one or two hundreds of types the graph becomes unresponsive and not very readable. I can use 'Size' field to limit number of groups in the graph. The issue is that what's outside of the limit is not shown in the graph at all, which means that overall level of traffic is lost.
Ideally, the remaining part (what's cut off by the limit) should be shown as a separate group.
Is there any way to configure a visualization like that?

Hi Pawel,

In your split series options, check the box for "Group other values in separate bucket". This will aggregate all data that is outside the size limit into a separate series in the graph. This feature was added in Kibana version 6.2.

Thanks, Nick. That's very helpful. We're still using version 6.1.2, so this is why I couldn't see this option. I will check if it's possible to upgrade. Thanks!

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