The limit of the no of split series in line graph

I cannot add split series more than 3 times, is it something that cannot be changed or it is just me who do not know how to configure it

Can you describe your use case? What would you envision the visualization looking like with more then 3 splits? Would the number of categories returned be interpretable?

Thank you for you reply.

Let say we have a number of machines on AWS in different countries. We run a series of program on those machines. We have a log to log down the memory usage, cpu usage for those programs In the log, besides timestamp, cpu usage and memoru usage, there are program names, owners of the programs, uptime of the programs and location.

We want to plot a graph on kibana to show the cpu or memory usage of one of the programs on one of the machines in one of the location at a time. We hope we can search with parameters: location, program name, owner and up-time in the graph.

As far as I know.....I have to include all involved data in a graph visualization and use control visualization to manipulate the parameters. As there are 4 searching parameters, I think we need 4 split series to include all data we need in a graph visualization.

Am i correct? Or there is other way to do so?

You could use either controls visualization or filter pill to search on any dimension in your documents without needing to split your visualization on those dimensions.

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