SSL certificate reload

I want to use hashicorp vault to manage logstash ssl certs on kubernetes.
I am using logstash helm chart --version 7.10.1
These pod annotations work as expected:

podAnnotations: "true" "auth/eks" "devweb-app" "" |
    {{- with secret "pki_int/issue/elk" ""  "private_key_format=pkcs8" "ttl=1h" -}}
    {{ .Data.issuing_ca }}
    {{- end }} "" |
    {{- with secret "pki_int/issue/elk" "" "private_key_format=pkcs8" "ttl=1h" -}}
    {{ .Data.private_key }}
    {{- end }} "" |
    {{- with secret "pki_int/issue/elk" ""  "private_key_format=pkcs8" "ttl=1h" -}}
    {{ .Data.certificate }}
    {{- end }}

The problem is when logstash container gets new certs, there is no way to tell logstash to use new certs. I have tried documented ways to reload configs:
but these apply only for config, new ssl certs are not being used.

Is there some way to make logstash aware of ssl cert rotation?

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