Stack Monitoring

Hi, I'm new to elasticsearch.
I'm currently trying to enable stack monitoring on my dev setup.
Hence, can someone tell me which is the best possible way to enable it.

You can use Metricbeat for enable or capture Monitoring data of your setup.

The below document can help you with the installation steps.

In kibana, in stack monitoring, I'm able to see an option to enable internal monitoring setup.

Hence, what is the difference between capturing data via metricbeat and this way.

Both are same. But the internal monitoring is a deprecated way of enabling monitoring.

Deprecated in 7.16.

Using the Elasticsearch Monitoring plugin to collect and ship monitoring data is deprecated. Metricbeat is the recommended method for collecting and shipping monitoring data to a monitoring cluster. If you previously configured legacy collection methods, you should migrate to using Metricbeat collection methods.

Hence, if you even enable the internal legacy monitoring, it'll give you an message as below.


Hence, I would suggest to go with the practice of using Metricbeat for enabling monitoring from now itself.


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I'll try the metricbeat setup.

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