Stacked horizontal graph showing counts of "Terms"


I've 3 Terms in my Elasticsearch data, viz. Happy, Sad & Neutral.
I'm taking this survey data for a set of users say 200 people.

I want to show this data in horizontal bar, something like below:

So counts will be X-axis & terms will be Y-axis in stacked fashion.

I'm new to Kibana and when I'm trying to show these counts, and add first metrics of Happy, it shows something like this:

Kindly suggest, what do I need to do?


Assuming you have many documents such as { expression: 'HAPPY' } { expression: 'SAD' } you can visualize this setting the X-axis to Terms of expression.

If your documents are { HAPPY: 1, SAD: 2, NEUTRAL: 10 } then you need to build three filters on the X-axis, although each filter can be *. Then for your Y-axis you can apply a SUM(Happy) or SUM(Sad)

@wylie, thanks for reponse & sorry for delay in feedback. It looks like I didn't posted the question right.
Instead of deleting this post (as it might help someone), I've rephrased the question here.

Would appreciate if you can suggest what am I doing wrong. Thanks

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