Stacked horizontal graph showing percentage counts of multiple “Terms”


I've a survey data which collects metrics with values between 1-5.
This survey will be filled by many users say by 200. Something like:

User 1:
Ease of use (1-5): 4
Durability (1-5): 2
Features (1-5): 3

User 2:
Ease of use (1-10): 3
Durability (1-10): 1
Features (1-10): 2

So json format is like this:

name: user1,
ease_of_use: 4,
durability: 3

I want to show this data in a stacked horizontal bar visualization for 200 users with percentage distribution of all Metrics.

Something like this:

I'm new to Kibana and when I'm trying to show these counts, and add first metrics of Ease of use, it shows something like this:

Kindly suggest, what do I need to do?


So, it took me a while to think about but I think I got it. If you translate it to a vertical bar chart it's easier to figure out.
in Vertical bar chart you would have:

  • count of unique users as the metric on the Y-axis.
  • a split by Terms on the categories (ease_of_use, durability, etc) on the X-axis
  • and then a Split Series with another Terms aggregation on the survey value.
    this all is based on a document format like this:
name: user1,
survey_category: ease_of_use,
survey_response: 4

and so on for each user and each of the survey category. I know it's not the most logical format at first sight, but this will make the queries work within Kibana.

If anybody can suggest a better method and a better document format, i'll be curious to see it as well.

Actually, it is more like this:
name: user1,
ease_of_use: 4,
durability: 3

Updated my question.

Then it's kind of hard to get what you want, although you can try it in Canvas.