Stage view in circles (goals/gauges/vega-lite)

I am aiming to provide some visualization of different stages.

The basic features of this stage view would be:-

  1. Defined number of stages(say 3 stages - stage 1, stage 2, stage 3)
  2. Each stage will have a status like some status (completed, failed)
  3. Each status will have a color associated to it. (completed-green,failed-red)

I am able to achieve most of the requirements through vega-lite. However, it does not support user-end filters which kibana provides. The data to be displayed will be filtered through user.

Please let me know if there is any other way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello Aditi, have you got the vega-lite spec for this query, preferably using one of the sample datasets, for example, flights, e-commerce or logs? (the ones you can activate on the Kibana main page) Also, do you mean end-user filters? Again an example would be good, indicating what you get now (what is it that doesn't work) and what you'd like to have. Are you using the %context%: true setting?

Hello Robert,

Thanks for the links. Although I did get some help from, have not reached the goal yet.

I am not setting %context%:true currently. I tried that however it did not help with the filters.

Elaborating my query:

Say for instance I have 4 processes, each having 3 stages and some status. I want the user to choose the process and get the status for each stage. Below images are the dummy output screens I am looking for.

In the aforementioned dashboard, there are 2 visualization objects. My goal is to let the user choose one process from the control visualization object, say Process A, and vega-lite visualization object would load the relevant stage status.

P.S : As of now, I have created 4 different vega-lite visualization objects to show the desired output.

@nyuriks - can you please help here ?


Hello Team,

Just to update you guys, I tried applying %context%:true on a string vega-lite visualization. And it worked! :slight_smile: All I had to do it remove my query and include this - %context%:true. May be I can work out something like that for the stage view requirement too.

Right now I just need to decide how to handle a scenario where no filter is applied. Something like a default vega display may be.

When no process is selected.

When I selected Process A.

Thank you so much guys!

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