Start several Kibana services


I want to be able to start more than one Kibana service (Linux RH - kibana installed via rpm) with other configuration file other to /opt/kibana/confing/kibana.yml. For example i want to create another init file i.e. kibana_external pointing another config file i.e. /opt/kibana/confing/kibana_external.yml to start kibana_external service along to existing kibana service (on other port and another .kibana index).

Any ideas how can I do that?
Thanks in advance!!!

Ok, I found the solution.

In init script
Change name of the variable i.e. kibana_external

Add -c argument with path to new config file in line:
exec "$program" -c "/opt/kibana/config/kibana_external.yml" $args

Create new file in (copy existing file /etc/default/kibana)

Start new service -> DONE!