Stop Auto Slingshot

I am using Kibana 4.5

Is there a way to stop the auto slingshot to the top for the visualizations? I want to create vertical spaces on the dashboard, but I can only seem to create spaces horizontally.

Also, is there a way to get rid of the "Export:" section at the bottom and the "Count" section to the right on the data table visualization? I think it will help make the visualizations a little cleaner and I do not necessarily need the count section for every data table.

For example, I have 3 categories: high, medium, and low. I want to only see those category names. I do not need to see the export section or the count of those categories.

Thanks as always

hi @motts,

Do you mean with "auto slingshot" that the panels constantly snap one under the other, instead of next to eachother? I don't think you can create vertical divisions that run down the height of the page in Kibana 4.5 (my memory is fuzzy), but you should be able to position panels one next to the other.

As for removing the export section, that's improved in later versions of Kibana (v5 and up) where it's easier to expand/collapse the additional functionality of panels on a dashboard.

Alrighty then :smile: thanks for the info. I will look forward to upgrading my Elastic Stack in the future. Will this also resolve some issues with GitHub syntax? I have noticed that the Help section in the Markdown Widget has a list of several items that you can use to make your Markdown look neat, but there are quite a few items that do not appear to do anything.

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