Storage Configuration Question

In the storage documentation link
There is a reference in the section that states the following:
"Elasticsearch requires the filesystem to act as if it were backed by a local disk, but this means that it will work correctly on properly-configured remote block devices (e.g. a SAN) and remote filesystems (e.g. NFS) as long as the remote storage behaves no differently from local storage."

Is there a definition of what "properly-configured remote block devices (e.g. a SAN) and remote filesystems" means? Specifically the "properly-configured" portion?

I understand that storage is expected to meet the "behaves no differently from local storage." statement, but the the "properly-configured" portion leads me to think that there are specific tune-ables and or settings that are important to have in place before using SAN/NAS storage. Is there a list of those requirements?

Thank you.

"Properly-configured" really just means "configured to behave no differently from local storage"; it's worded this way to imply that some configurations of these technologies are improper (i.e. not all SAN or NAS solutions do behave like local storage) and to indicate that it's up to you to get this configuration correct. What that means in practice depends heavily on your choice of storage technology, so you need to find someone (e.g. your storage vendor) who can describe how to do this in your environment.

There is no list of specific requirements.

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