Store location [/es/backup/betabackup] is not shared between node

(krishna singh) #1

'RemoteTransportException[[elastic-es-be-data1][inet[/172.38.:9300]][internal:admin/repository/verify]]; nested: RepositoryVerificationException[[betabackup] store location [/es/backup/betabackup] is not shared between node [[elastic-es-betaout-data1][g_qv6LXITme9JOMW3RLEBg][ip-172-31-36-120][inet[/]]{master=false}] and the master node]; ']]]",
"status": 500

While Taking Backup m getting this error...please help me out.

(Magnus Bäck) #2

The path /es/backup/betabackup needs to be accessible by all nodes in the cluster.

(krishna singh) #3

how can i access my all nodes in cluster??please help me ??

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Typically one uses NFS to share a directory between all nodes (but any networked file system should do). The NFS server can either be one of the cluster nodes or a separate server or appliance.

(system) #5