Strigo Lab : Browser redirections to Kibana Start Page

Course: Analyst Practice Exam
Version: 8.8.1

Hello everyone,

i’ve encountered an issue with my practice exam Strigo lab.
Upon saving changes to a map visualization, the browser within Strigo (not Kibana itself) prompts that I’am about to leave the webpage and whether I’am sure about this action since there are unsaved changes.

In case of declining, one stays on the map visualization screen without the changes being saved in Kibana.
If the message is confirmed, one gets redirected to the Kibana start page without the visualization being saved at all.

Thus it is not possible to save the visualization, which is going to become problematic in the actual exam.

Another case occured when trying to create a new role in Kibana. Instead of the role being created, i'am redirected to the Kibana start page as well.

This behavior is consistent among different browsers used to access the Strigo Lab (chrome, brave, firefox).

Thank you in advance.


I think the problem is that you are clicking on the "refresh" button that Strigo overlays in front of Kibana.

The best solution is to open Kibana in a separate tab (the little arrow that appears when you put your mouse next to the tab) and then you can correctly use all the feature in Kibana

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yes, you are correct!
However i found the clickable area of the Strigo refresh button is larger than the visual representation of the button itself.

This is pretty bad design and can lead to confusion in exam situations.

Thank you for your help.

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