Suggest next word without suggesting entire field value


I am a bit stuck with suggestions. I would like to suggest the next word,
and I would like the suggestion to occur even if the word the user provides
is in the middle of a field's value (and not just at the start). e.g.,

document containing
{ body: "nice quick bronw fox jumped over" }

quick --> quick brown
brown --> brown fox
quick bro --> quick brown

However, when I use "completion" suggester I am only offered completion
options if the search term is at the start of the field value - so "nice"
in this case.

Moreover I am offered the entire field value, but I would like only the
next word.

I followed the tutorial here

I also experimented with the other suggestors but they were not suitable

  • term: suggests single word. Does not suggest next word.
  • phrase: suggest multiple words, but does not suggest next word

This seems an obvious use case for suggestors so I think I am missing
something fundamental here?

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