Suitable Applications to build on top of Elastic Search


We have used elastic search in our Subscriber and Billing application. And we have used it with 2 nodes and with HA set up. Note this is hosted on premises not on cloud. We are facing nodes getting corrupted and indexes getting un-assigned. So we wanted to know is this normal behavior of elastic or we are using wrongly elastic search or we are using elastic search for a some thing which it is not developed for?

2 nodes will not give you a fully HA setup. As Elasticsearch is a consensus based system, you need a minimum of 3 master eligible nodes in order to get it highly available for both reads and writes.

If you have two or three master eligible nodes, you need to set minimum_master_nodes to 2 in order to avoid split brain scenarios.

Thanks a lot for reply Christan. It's a typo mistake we do have a 3 nodes and all three nodes setup as master nodes with 1 shard and 2 replicas.