Sum logs that fit a query and make a calculation on it

How can I count the amount of logs that the term 'delay' is between 3 and infinity and afterwards subtract from that 100...
The tricky part is showing it in a visualization.
Help will be great

Isn't that the same as showing a normalised (ie, maximum-100) plot of all the logs that have the term delay between 0 and 2?

To do that you can use a filter (Kibana 5.6.0 and later) - Click Line plots or Vertical bar graphs > Plot as usual> Click on Add a filter and choose the field of interest and set the appropriate value (in this case say is between 0 to 2).
Then go to Metrics And Axes and under the heading Y-axis change the mode from normal to Percentage

Can you see if that works for you?

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