Support for old libraries

Is it possible/viable to include support for older (or ancient :wink: in my case Jetty 6.1.26 ) libraries. A lot of vendors don't update their libraries much and you can't do it yourself without losing support.

Hi and thanks for your question.

I'm sorry to say it's not feasible for us to support such old versions. For reference, Jetty 6 is end of life since 2010 and supports Java 4 and 5. We don't even have support for Java 6 anymore.

Frankly speaking, those vendors should lose your support. You may put yourself and your customers at a great risk of cyber attacks as there have been no security fixes since almost 10 years.

Thanks for stopping by anyways :slight_smile:


Thank you for your quick reply. I share your view, but didn't want to steer in any direction. I will continue with the vendor to have their libraries upgraded to this century.

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