Suppress all output to terminal/stdout

Hi all,

I wonder is there a way to supress all output to the terminal?

An example to clarify what I mean (from python):
for i in range(len(ids)): ....[...] ....if i%1000==0 and i>0: es.bulk(body=bulk_data)

This will give 100k (the ids I have for 1 day of data, so substantially more when taking the whole timerange) lines of the following type printed to the terminal:
{u'delete': {u'status': 200, u'_type': u'type_xxxx', u'_shards': {u'successful': 1, u'failed': 0, u'total': 2}, u'_index': u'master_index', u'_version': 2, u'found': True, u'_id': u'XXXX'}}

I expect this printing to slow down things substantially, therefore would like to avoid it.