Suppress Kibana version mismatch warning from the logs

I'm using ES v6.2.4 and Kibana v6.2.5 because the v6.2 branch on Kibana Github defaults to v6.2.5 (?)

Since I cannot update my ES version, my logs are getting spammed with version mismatch warnings.

You're running Kibana 6.2.5 with some different versions of Elasticsearch. Update Kibana or Elasticsearch to the same version to prevent compatibility issues: v6.2.4 @ <IP>:18001

I have a couple of questions,

  1. Is it possible to suppress these warnings in the log?
  2. Is there a Kibana v6.2.4 branch on Github that I can build from scratch?

I'm on centOS 7.4


I think you can try this option: logging.quiet and you can build Kibana from Github for 6.2 branch.

Also here is a link to the option settings:

Thank you Liza.

Quiet logging worked but the v6.2 branch on Kibana GitHub is still defaulting to v6.2.5

Hi yes so if you want to build at 6.2.4 you can checkout at the commit point before it was bumped to 6.2.5, you can find the hash in the commit history on April 17, 2018.

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