Suspending heartbeat for servers during maintenance windows

I have configured a heartbeat.yml file to poll a number of servers and URLs at 60s intervals, and have further configured an alert that runs at 60s intervals to send out alerts for any server that is offline - all of which works perfectly.

I'd like to enhance this by adding the ability to suspend alerting for some servers if they are affected by a planned maintenance window.

One approach I have in mind is to write a script to comment out nominated servers from the yml file and restart the heartbeat service. Running the script again would then reverse this action.

Am I missing a simpler alternative approach?

Another option is to define a monitor list in the monitors.d folder, and comment those monitors there, this way you won't need to restart heartbeat service.
you can read more on how to do it on our documentation here

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Thanks for the prompt response, that looks to be exactly what I am looking for!

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