Syslog-NG with ES and Kibana

Hi all,
I have install syslog-ng with ES and all this i can see it from Kibana. But there is no authentication on Kibana ( like some login page ). I'm new to ES and Kibana and i would like to know how to enable this kind of authentication. I start reading yes but i need fast answers as i have to put all this in production ASAP.

Kind regards

Hi Ivan,

If you are a customer with a subscription to Elastic you should use Shield.

There is a trial license if you want to try that. It gives you very flexible security with users and roles. It can be integrated with LDAP or Active directory systems.

If you are not a customer, I think you could put a proxy in front of Kibana so users have to log in through that. But I think that just would give you authentication and not authorization (no roles for different users).


Hi LeeDr,

For start ill go with proxy or something ( if you have guys some hints and points about that it will be good ). This is for us and maybe in the future we will go with the Shield for customers.