Table Aggregating On Text Field

Ive got two tables of URLs, one of them counts the number of visits for the root path of a URL and the other is a list of all URLs visited. The field, url.path, is indexed as both a text and keyword field. I would like to be able to filter by a value on the root path table and the all urls table show everything under the root path.

As an example, below is my root paths table.

I would like to be able to filter by /healthandwellness, which in turn would display the following in my all URLs table:

Right now, it doesn't work that way, because they're both looking at the keyword field. I guess the better question is, can I create a table that aggregates on a non-keyword? I realize I can use the search bar and enter url: \/healthandwellness, but I'm trying to get this to work for non-technical users.

What I would do, either at ingest time or with a scripted field would be to create a field that only contains the root path, and then use that to display in the first table and filtering with + and - signs will work properly.

As shown in the images of the original post, I already have a field that contains only the root paths. The field is stored as both text and keyword data types, but Kibana will only let me create a table based on the keyword data type. Meaning that filtering on that table's value will only return exact matches.

You can only visualize keyword fields, but you can add a filter using the full query DSL- so if you have a text mapping and a keyword mapping for these paths, you can filter by the text and visualize the keywords.

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