Table does not show percentage when locale setting is changed

Hi all,
I'm doing a very simple table using a Term agg and where I want to calculate the percentage over the count column.
Everything goes well

But when I change in the Kibana Advanced Setting the Formating locale to

Then the percentage column is not calculated


Thank you!

@Bamieh do you think you can provide some help here please?

We recently fixed this bug in this PR

Thank you @tiagocosta and @wylie,

How can I add this update to my 7.7 version.
I changed the .js


but still not working... probably I need to do something more.


This is not fixed in 7.7.x - it will be fixed with the 7.8.0 release:

I hope you can wait that long - the work around is not to use the Spanish locale.

Thank you, @rclarke
We are using elastic/kibana to process data related to COVID-19's tests and we need to present that data with the local formatting to the govern, so it is not a choice for us to not use the Spanish locale :frowning: and they need the data ASAP
I'm trying some Canva's tables in order to represent the same information with the proper format.

Thank you!

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