Table for successful icmp counts

How can I create a table that shows the number of successful ICMP pings to each server (10 in total)?

Context: this is for a game; as long as teams keep their networks up, the pings to their servers will be successful. At the end, whichever team has the highest number of successful pings, wins.

You'll want to create a terms aggregation with monitor.ip as the bucket, and then filter by monitor.status: up.

Alternatively, you could create a terms agg with monitor.ip as the bucket, and a second bucket using monitor.status, which would show both the up and down values.

Thanks Andrew. I tried this on a few hosts - they all counted up to '90' and stopped. When I took one of the hosts down, the count began to decrease for that host.

How can I count all pings? If I run 1,000 ping checks successfully against a host, I want the count value to read 1,000. If 1 out of 1,000 ping checks fail, it should read 999.

Did you check the time picker? It might not be covering a long enough range and 90 might be the number that fits in the selected range.

Yes, that worked.

One last question: is there an API to manipulate the count for a particular ip? For example, has a count of 6,000 and I'd like to decrement it by 100.

No, short of deleting documents manually in ES

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