Table which shows number of events where field exists / not exists


We modified our log data to extend the information which is available in kibana.
So we introduced a new field I need to check if the new field is present in all events, if not I want to have a table where I can see which log and which called method is missing the new field.

I already checked, I have a lot of events where the new field is missing. To support the developers I need a table like this:
| logType | method | count new field exists | count new field does not exist |

logType and method are fields which are already present all events.

I have no clue how I can put the count of events where the new field is present / missing into a columns.
Can I use the json input to check the field for existance?

Thanks a lot, Andreas

writing about the topic helps :wink:

Found a solution:
I added a filter bucket which implements to filters:

newField: *
not newField: *

This way I can group on the new field and place the info in the column.
btw, I used enhanced table plugin, so I was able to add the information pivot-like to the rows :slight_smile:

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