Tag average bucket in kibana as per pre defined tag or say doing a filter with avg vale not the actual value

While we collect the metrics using metricbeat , can we do a bucketing with avg , what I mean is say I get memory.uses for last 15 min, and I want to add 3 bucket where avg > 90% tag it red , avg 60-90 : tag as yellow , avg < 60 : tag as green.

I know I can show the data as table where I will show

server_name | Avg Mem Used
    abc | 75%
    def | 79%
    ghi | 98%
    jkl | 25%

So, is there a way instead of this I can show them as

server_name | Status
    abc | yellow
    def | yellow
    ghi | red
    jkl | green

You can do something like that in the Data Table, using Field Formatters.
Go to management -> index patttern and edit the system.memory.used.pct field to use field formatters for color, something like this:

Then, when you add them to the data table and do an aggregation on it's average, it will show the colors from the field formatter, according to the ranges.

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