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Hello all,

i am trying to analyze spotify data. Therefore i would like to create a Tag Cloud for analyzing the most used words in song names.

When i set up a Word/Tag Cloud and choose my field. The hole song name is counted. But i want to count each word and over the hole dataset i got. How could i do that?

The song name type is keyword

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Thanks for helping !!

In order to get each word you need to split the field first into multiple keywords. There is a split processor in the ingest node pipelines to do this.

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Hello Felix,

thank you very much. That worked for me. Just one thing, i want to remove the special characters from these keywords. I didn't find any possibility in the ingest node pipelines. How can i achieve this?


U can use a gsub processor to remove characters. You'll have to define what characters you want to remove.

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