TCP for elasticsearch and kibana

Hi Team, I have a use case wherein I need to send logs to elasticsearch and then on to Kibana using either UDP or TCP protocol. Could you suggest the required configuration changes on the elasticsearch and kibana end to accomodate this. Also, I would like to send a test message via tcp to elasticsearch which should be seen on kibana.
Please help. Thanks in advance

Elasticsearch requires a specific format for the data it indexes, so I would recommend setting up Logstash with a TCP and UDP input to handle this conversion. Kibana visualises the data available in Elasticsearch, so does not directly receive any data.

Hi Christian,
The way I can send messages over HTTP post request using curl to elasticsearch and hence onto kibana(which works), is there no way to do the same for TCP?

Also, if I have my own log collector which can send output over either TCP/UDP, is there a way to avoid using logstash?

If you want to send data directly to Elasticsearch, your log shipper must support sending bulk requests over HTTP.

You might also consider switching to or using Filebeat as this supports writing directly to Elasticsearch and supports input via TCP and UDP.

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