Tens of GB indexes deleted, no OS space reclaimed

Hi, I have scouted locals forum for almost half a day but no relevant reply found. I am trying to introduce curator to our ES and I have deleted several 25GB indexes successfully. However, no OS space reclaimed after deletion.

I haven't found much resources I could use to check the relevant parts. I am beginner in ES, hence I don't know much about the bits under the hood. Sorry.

I would be grateful for any advice pointing me in the right direction (i.e. what to check etc.)

My configuration is one-node Elasticsearch on Windows 2016.

EDIT: To give you as precise insight into the approach of mine as possible, I have done this to my server:

(.venv) D:\ELK\curator\.venv\Scripts>curator_cli --config _curator_config\curator-config.yml --username *redacted*--password *redacted* delete-indices --filter_list "[{\"filtertype\":\"age\",\"source\":\"creation_date\",\"direction\":\"older\",\"unit\":\"days\",\"unit_count\":30},{\"filtertype\":\"pattern\",\"kind\":\"prefix\",\"value\":\"xy-servers-\"}]"
2021-08-19 15:31:46,645 INFO      Instantiating client object
2021-08-19 15:31:46,646 INFO      Testing client connectivity
2021-08-19 15:31:46,653 INFO      Successfully created Elasticsearch client object with provided settings
d:\elk\curator\.venv\lib\site-packages\elasticsearch\connection\base.py:208: ElasticsearchWarning: this request accesses system indices: [.apm-agent-configuration, .apm-custom-link, .async-search, .kibana_1, .kibana_task_manager_1, .security-7], but in a future major version, direct access to system indices will be prevented by default
  warnings.warn(message, category=ElasticsearchWarning)
2021-08-19 15:31:46,916 INFO      Deleting 9 selected indices: ['xy-servers-2021.05.29-000025', 'xy-servers-2021.06.10-000027', 'xy-servers-2021.07.07-000032', 'xy-servers-2021.06.21-000029', 'xy-servers-2021.06.15-000028', 'xy-servers-2021.07.12-000033', 'xy-servers-2021.07.01-000031', 'xy-servers-2021.05.24-000024', 'xy-servers-2021.06.04-000026']
2021-08-19 15:31:46,917 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.05.29-000025
2021-08-19 15:31:46,917 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.06.10-000027
2021-08-19 15:31:46,917 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.07.07-000032
2021-08-19 15:31:46,918 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.06.21-000029
2021-08-19 15:31:46,919 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.06.15-000028
2021-08-19 15:31:46,919 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.07.12-000033
2021-08-19 15:31:46,921 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.07.01-000031
2021-08-19 15:31:46,921 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.05.24-000024
2021-08-19 15:31:46,922 INFO      ---deleting index xy-servers-2021.06.04-000026
2021-08-19 15:32:00,089 INFO      "delete_indices" action completed.

After this (deleted a lot over 100GB), not even a single GB has been added to free space on the D:\ drive (where does whole ELK reside).

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

... and on the server in different subsidiary I have configured (the configuration is identical as far as I am concerned), the reclaim is almost instant ...

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

What version of Elasticsearch are you using?

Hello Mark, thanks for the interest into this problem of mine. We use 7.10.1 on both servers.

It is not Elasticsearch issue, rather filesystem issue - the size of the ELK folder changes with respect to index deletions via curator. Nevermind, closing the ticket.

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